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We understand the importance of engineering excellence in the shipping industry and are committed in continuous improvement to enhance our capabilities to stay ahead of the curve, and provide leading-edge solutions.

Speaking of innovation, dship’s engineering department has incorporated a motion analysis software to its portfolio and is now able to conduct motion analysis for our F500-type vessels. And this is just the beginning – the same will be available for our F360-type vessels in due time.

This software supplies crucial information that helps secure difficult cargoes, such as cranes on weather decks. It allows us to adjust our securing techniques to match the operational wave height and hence reduce material costs and resource inefficiencies. In addition, the motion analysis allows us to determine the accelerations at the operational wave height, which is critical for ensuring safe transportation.

Conversely when dealing with special cargoes, limitations on the maximum allowable acceleration during transit are quite common. Consequently, the voyage is typically restricted to a specific maximum operational wave height, which we can accurately determine using our motion analysis software.