New F-500 Vessel Type in Service for dship Carriers

Since this week, dship Carriers has been counting on its new fleet member MV Mick, which has now gone into service, to provide efficient ocean transportation services. This modern vessel has been specially developed to focus on the reduction of fuel consumption and, at the same time, to increase stowage flexibility.

The MV Mick is the first of a series of four economic multi-purpose vessels that are being built for dship by Taizhou Sanfu Shipbuilding. A second vessel is scheduled for delivery in June/July 2019, while the remaining two ships are under construction and scheduled to be delivered in 2020.

As part of dship Carriers’ fleet expansion program initiated in 2018, the fleet is experiencing a significant increase in vessels and lifting capacity. This will allow dship to take on even heavier items, which clients can benefit from. The MV Mick, for instance, comes with a combined lifting capacity of
500 metric tons. With the main hold of over 75 meters, it allows for the loading of extremely long cargo under deck, offering clients even more storage options.

“MV Mick is starting a busy week and is completely booked. We are glad to welcome the latest addition to our fleet. Together with the three ships to follow, our entire fleet of flexible, multi-purpose vessels will be up to date and perfectly able to handle most client requirements for ocean transportation,” says Lars Feller, Global Vice President of dship Carriers.